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Basic Thoughtonomics

Mar 24, 2022

Different kind of episode this time. Instead of focusing on one topic I just touched on a few things that were on my mind. I start out talking about the absurd amount of money's sports broadcasters are making and give my thoughts on compensation in some more meaningful fields. 

I then talk about watching Breaking Bad...

Feb 3, 2022

Getting back at it posting content for the pod. For this episode (solo show) I give my take on the who I think the top five teams in the league are and the top five NBA candidates raking them both 5-1. Feel free to debate or provide feedback. 

Oct 8, 2021

For this episode I (Chris Grosso) am joined by longtime Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Sims. I got his take on the overwhelming reaction his game-winning call got on Mitch Haniger's go-ahead single Saturday night which garnered nearly three million views on the Mariners Twitter account. We also talked Mariners fan...

Sep 7, 2021

For this episode I’m joined by former Super Bowl winning running back with the New England Patriots Antowain Smith.

I start out asking what he’s been up to and what life is like when you transition into retirement from the game (:56)

I then ask how he only played high school football his senior year and how he...

Sep 3, 2021

For this episode I (Chris Grosso) have on Jon Heyman as we talk all things baseball. First we start with the Mets and the thumbs up thumbs down fiasco and we transition to the on-field performance of the team and the struggles of Lindor and the rest of the offense this season.

Then we talk Yankees turnaround and Gerrit...