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Basic Thoughtonomics

Mar 10, 2021

For this episode, I'm joined by the great Mets reporter Ed Coleman of WFAN to talk some Mets going into the season. I start out asking him what it was like to cover the bizarre 2020 season (2:20). I then ask what his early impressions are of the Steve Cohen era (4:10). I then ask what his thoughts were on the Mets offseason and how I expected them to do more in free agency. (5:27). He provides some good insight into why Steve Cohen maybe didn't want to spend wildly this offseason (10:50) I ask how much stock he put in performance good or bad in the extremely truncated 2020 season (12:47). He brings up some good analysis on why Pete Alonso may have struggled (14:20). I asked what he thought of Conforto's 2020 season and if he's a believer in him long term (18:40). I ask his early impressions of Lindor and what he expects from him (20:37). I ask what he thinks a Lindor extension could look like in terms of years/dollars (24:13). I ask what he expects from Edwin Diaz in 2021 after a strong 2020 (27:50). I ask who he thinks from under the radar guys in the bullpen could be (30:16) and if he thinks Familia and Betances can get back to the way they were in their prime (32:20). I then ask his thoughts on the rotation outside of deGrom (34:00) and his thoughts on Syndergaard's return (39:00). We conclude with talk on JD Davis at 3rd (42:48) and the Mets defense and what his expectations for the team going into this season (45:28).