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Basic Thoughtonomics

Jul 2, 2020

New Basic Thoughtonomics podcast is up as I’m (Chris Grosso) joined by the great Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay to preview the upcoming season. I ask what he’s looking for in terms of storyline for the upcoming season and how he would go about analyzing a 60 game season. I get his thoughts on the 60 game season in terms of credibility and legitimacy. I also get his thoughts on how managers will have to adapt to the 60 game schedule. Also, asks his thoughts on how games might feel different with an added sense of urgency due to the shortened season and the Yankees biggest threat in the division. I ask how he thinks the players will respond to playing in empty ballparks, his thoughts on calling games in an empty stadium and how he’ll be calling road games from the YES studios in Connecticut. Lastly, I ask him his favorite Centerstage interview which led to a fun little debate about Seinfeld and Friends. If you have a few minutes, feel free to give it a listen. As always, any and all feedback is encouraged.