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Basic Thoughtonomics

Sep 28, 2020

For this episode I (Chris Grosso) am joined by Bryan Hoch who covers the Yankees for I start out asking what his experience has been like covering the team this unprecedented season not being able to go into the clubhouse or be on the road (00:40). I then ask his thoughts on this streaky Yankees team as they head into the postseason losing six of their last eight games (3:00). I then get his take on the keys for the Yankees in their bizarre best of three series coming up with the Indians (4:25). I ask about the Yankees offense as much of the team has been sputtering as of late with the exception of LeMahieu, Voit and Gio Urshela (5:50). We then talk the struggles of Gary Sanchez and I ask if he thinks if it may be time to look for another everyday catcher if he continues to struggle (9:00). Next, I ask about the home run or nothing nature of the Yankees offense and how that they manifest itself in the postseason (14:30). We then touch on the importance of starting pitching if the Yankees were to advance in the LDS and LCS with no off days (16:35). I then ask about Deivi Garcia in particular and how he would expect him to fare pitching on the big stage as a rookie (19:25). Next I ask his thoughts on the Yankees poor record away from the Yankee Stadium and whether he's concerned about it (22:47). We then talk the bubble format coming up for the postseason and the impact that could have on the players (25:20). I conclude by asking him his thoughts on a potential Yankees, Rays LDS matchup with the bad blood brewing from both teams earlier in the season (27:45).