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Basic Thoughtonomics

Sep 3, 2021

For this episode I (Chris Grosso) have on Jon Heyman as we talk all things baseball. First we start with the Mets and the thumbs up thumbs down fiasco and we transition to the on-field performance of the team and the struggles of Lindor and the rest of the offense this season.

Then we talk Yankees turnaround and Gerrit Cole's CY Young candidacy especially rebounding after the spider tack scandal. We talk Yankees chances as well in the wild-card game. 

We also talk Rays unlikely success year in and year out. The NL West race between the Dodgers and Giants. The unlikely success of the Giants.

We talk awards and the candidates for NL, AL CY Young and MVP. We debate whether the MVP award should go to a player on a winning team. We also debate whether Shohei Ohtani should remain a two-way player and how good he'd be if he dedicated himself to hitting or pitching. We conclude by talking rule changes (7th inning DH's, runner on second to start extra innings) and whether he likes them or not.