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Basic Thoughtonomics

Sep 7, 2021

For this episode I’m joined by former Super Bowl winning running back with the New England Patriots Antowain Smith.

I start out asking what he’s been up to and what life is like when you transition into retirement from the game (:56)

I then ask how he only played high school football his senior year and how he played only  because of a “dare” from his friends. He then talks about how he left a scholarship from Auburn on the table to take care of his ailing grandmother

I ask about his experience playing under Bill Belichick and what Bill was like and the environment of the organization. (5:05) I then ask what Tom Brady was like in the early stages of his career and he talks about how some veterans like Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy molded him early on (7:56). I then get his take on the success Brady is having nearly 20 years later (11:15)

We then talk about the 2001 season and how the team had little expectations going into the season and especially after Drew Bledsoe went down (13:20). I then ask the team’s mindset, game plan going into Super Bowl 36 as 14 point underdogs to the Rams(15:15). I ask about his iconic celebration as he was the first Patriot to rush the field after Vinatieri’s field goal (16:45). We then talk Super Bowl 38 and the flipped script with the Pats being heavy favorites in that game (19:00)

I then ask his thoughts on Brady getting the ball with less than two minutes in Super Bowl 36 and 38 and whether he had confidence in him (21:05). He then talks about what is was like scoring a touchdown in front of his hometown friends and family in Houston in Super Bowl 38 (23:10). I get his thoughts on the current game and the differences in regards to safety from the time he played (23:50).

I ask about an epic run he had on 10/17/1999 (YouTube if you want) with the Bills when he trucked Raiders safety Eric Turner on the way to a 50 plus yard TD run (25:15). I ask about some of the intangibles and ingredients that goes into championship teams and he sheds light on a lot of the team bonding things those Patriots teams did (26:40) and he concludes talking about some of the guys he still is close with on those Patriots teams.